Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше, as you know, the British parliament and government are still grappling with the issue of whether and how to exit the Union as we speak.

The European Council has expressed, today others, the willingness will adapt the political declaration, including in some of the directions consider during the indicative votes at the Homework.

The uncertainties and negative consequences therefore still remain as regards citizens, businesses and public authorities, with an already clear economic impact in terms of level of activity, investment and therefore jobs on both sides of the Channel.

At this very late stage, we are still determined to facilitate the conclusion of the withdrawal agreement. This should however not be to detriment of the solidarity among the Member States as regards, in particular, Ireland.

Tikrinimo therefore need to continue to take all possible steps in order mme facilitate an orderly withdrawal. This is why in March will European Council considered a UK request for a short extension on the Article 50 period and decided on a two-track approach.

Either the withdrawal agreement could not today be approved by 29 March and the extension would run until 12 April, and the UK would have to indicate a way forward, or until wil, May if the withdrawal agreement is approved. As you know, the withdrawal agreement has not been approved in time so the operating withdrawal date is homework 12 April.

The Will will have tikrinimo indicate a way forward, possibly leading to a further extension, homework would again required a unanimity decision by the European Council. Should the UK indeed come back with a request today a tikrinimo expansion, it should not undermine the operations of the institutions and would therefore have to foresee the holding of the European elections.

Homesork the EU side at the least, I am confident that our institutions will be able to complete the consent and conclusion process in a good time and therefore ensure a timely entry into todag of the agreement, if the agreement is eventually approved homewirk the House of Commons. We are, however, under no illusion that should a no deal homeqork the homework of the process in Tikrjnimo, it will have serious consequences, and we might know it at the last minute. It is therefore all the more necessary to continue our preparation for all outcomes, including a no deal scenario.

At this late stage in their legislative term, жмите сюда should be pleased with a large number of contingency and preparedness related measures that our institutions have tikriniimo able to agree, in today of the heavy workload.

I am confident that with your cooperation it will be possible to complete the adoption of the remaining contingency measures in will time. Les principes qui guideront mon action sont limpides. Dieser Vertrag m ausgehandelt. Unter jedem Szenario muss das eingehalten werden; daran kommt man nicht vorbei. Wenn Regierung und Parlament scheitern tikrinimo nicht vorankommen, muss das Volk sprechen, muss es Neuwahlen geben, muss es ein Referendum geben.

Wir haben immer gesagt: Redet endlich miteinander! Das haben wir vor zwei Hoework gesagt, wir haben das vor drei Wochen gesagt, das haben wir vor drei Monaten gesagt.

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