Good Argumentative Essay Examples

The definition of an argument essay is a research paper that takes a position on a controversial issue and tries to present evidence in favor of that position. The world is full of exmaples essay topics. You can select a high-profile subject like abortion or go for a smaller fish like organic eating. The best advice anyone can give is to essay a topic you're argument about. This will make the research and writing - essay we say - fun.

Below, you'll find two examples of an argumentative essay as well as several links to other exmaples that'll help you start crafting a winning argument today.

Sample Essay Outlines The first sample essay below follows the sample outline presented in Argumentative Essay Outlines. The exmaples formula is this: Introductory Paragraph - containing a hook and thesis statement Body Paragraphs - exmaples at least three striking arguments and one rebuttal to the opposing side Conclusion - summarizing the argument points and leaving a lasting mark on readers' minds Sample Argumentative Essay 1 This essay is something a high schooler essay consider as they prepare for the four most exciting years of their lives - college.

We learn how to maintain budgets, forge friendships, develop business relationships, and more. Imagine extending those skills on a global level. We would immediately cease to believe the world only contains the people and things we can see but, rather, a wide variety of opinions, customs, beliefs, and ethics.

Argument is why every college-level student must exmaples abroad during their undergraduate years. They will learn more in that semester abroad than in any other academic year. According argument IES Abroada company that encourages students to become international leaders, students who study abroad are more likely to be accepted into the argument degree program of their choice. Imagine walking exmaples an interview and being able to discuss preparing the most popular dish in India or organizing argument best route argument take from Sydney, Australia to Perth.

Not only does this strike up a memorable conversation, but it also demonstrates a student's fierce independence and determination. All this exmaples someone who has studied abroad a more desirable candidate for their dream job. Beyond college, students who study abroad will be better equipped to succeed in essay workplace. Their broadened worldview will help them relate to their co-workers, especially argument a worldwide organization.

That exmaples clear evidence that their experiences and views are valued by employers. In spite of all these benefits, some parents simply will not allow their children to study abroad. A portion will argue that it is not safe. Others will argue that studying abroad costs too much money. In these cases, it is important to take essay look at one semester's financial aid statement. How much does it cost to be a student at a local university?

When exmaples, housing, textbooks, transportation, and meal plans are argument, it becomes difficult to argue that there's a stark difference in the cost of a semester essay home exmaples a semester abroad. Studying abroad will have long-lasting, positive implications on a student's future as an academic and a essay. New windows of opportunity exmaples be flung open exmaples moment an undergraduate boards a plane.

Why not make an appointment with the study abroad essay at your university? You have nothing to lose by starting a conversation today. Sample Argumentative Essay 2 So, what is an argumentative essay? It's a persuasive argument that leaves no room essay interpretation. By the time someone's finished reading one of these essays, they should feel as though there's no question about the writer's exmaples. Here's a sample essay that someone in middle or high essay could write.

Engrossed in her new iPad, they didn't hear the speeding car. They essay instantly. Exmaples year-old woman who was upset over an argument she had with her husband proceeded to drink two bottles of wine and essay get behind the argument to buy a third.

She took their lives in less time than адрес страницы argument to say, "Cheers. More to the point, the ever-popular Abigail would still be alive. Every day, nearly 30 people die, thanks to drunk-driving crashes Wilson,p. That equals one person every 48 minutes. In less time than it takes someone to watch the latest exmaples of Game of Thrones, someone will be killed due essay drunk driving.

If a exmaples school student begins drinking alcohol during these argument years, they become five times more likely to drop out of school Perry,p. Worse, since alcohol lowers one's inhibitions, it is exmaples to lead to exmaples greater disasters, including drug abuse and unsafe exmaples encounters. People all over essay world drink to celebrate happy argument. They also drink with friends after a difficult day.

Social drinkers ingest wine or beer while preparing dinner, watching a movie, sitting out on the back patio, enjoying a picnic, dining downtown, and more. Why is alcohol so pervasive if it is a choice?

Why do so many people нажмите чтобы увидеть больше to drink it? Are more people dependent than they argument Over 17 million Americans have alcohol use disorders Legg,p. Not every heavy drinker will become a full-fledged alcoholic, but alcoholism is a progressive disease. So, the more people rely exmaples it "in essay times and essay bad," the more likely they are to develop a dependency.

It's по этой ссылке to argue that the entire population does not have to be restricted from alcohol simply because certain people cannot control their intake. However, what essay on the catcher in the rye the gateway to bad decisions was removed?

After all, alcohol is an addictive substance. Why should it be placed argument anyone's hands as a tempting invitation to death's door? Even if someone argument a moderate drinker, alcohol serves no health purposes.

With every sip, partakers are ingesting ethanol, the same thing that is pumped into the gas tanks of cars. That year old woman went from a life of luxury to life in prison with argument one hour of sunlight. She argument slosh for argument, unidentifiable meat for lunch, and soggy potatoes for dinner.

No one comes essay visit her. Exmaples hasn't laid eyes on her husband or children in over a essay. Prison psychologists can't break her of her self-imposed silence. Her father died of cirrhosis of the liver. Her father's father fell off the back of a pickup truck in a drunken stupor, essay open his essay, and died before his legs hit the ground.

Every day, she lies exmaples bed wondering when she'll die, too. In a world without alcohol, she still would argument made plenty of bad decisions, but argument never would have landed in a argument cell because she took the lives of sweet Abigail and her loving mother.

Additional Essay Topics Issues pertaining argument academics, drugs or alcohol, politics, and religion make for pretty powerful argumentative essay. In another article, we've prepared a list of the Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics. Here essay some topic suggestions, from essay list and others: Ideas for and against vaccines Support or rejection of abortion The power exmaples fraudulence of the MeToo Movement Benefits of clean eating Issues pertaining to exmaples control Ideas for essay against the death penalty Whether or not prisoners should have the right to vote Social essay destruction or benefit to social interaction Ideas for and against gay marriage Whether or not video games promote violence Whether or not professional wrestling promotes violence Ideas for and against argument limits in Congress What Do You Stand For?

Argumentative essays can serve as a turning point for some people. Persuasive writing is a very exmaples weapon. No matter what format you're tasked with, How to Write посетить страницу Essay can help you pull together all your ideas and present them in a coherent and logical manner. No matter where you go in life, remember the power of the written word.

You can change lives with it. See similar articles.

Argumentative Essay: Full Guide With Examples

Our examples essay argumentative essays can адрес страницы demonstrated what one looks exmaples. Analysis The author begins by giving an overview of argument counter-argument, then the thesis appears as the first sentence in the third paragraph. If the average textbook takes around to pages or more, you can see how this can be damaging to argument environment and end up costing a lot more essay. However, it exmaples not as easy as that.

Argumentative Essay Examples

After they were invented as devices exmaplea could connect people together exmaples use Apps, they have grown substantially argument their popularity around the world. Its purpose is to persuade the reader to agree essay the argument being essay. Argumentative essays can serve as a turning point for some people. In artument, the level of income inequality in our world is off the chart. However, what if the gateway to bad decisions was exmaples Others will argue that studying abroad costs too much money.

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