Download sample ZIP - In this article, I will show you how you can configure your Windows service to start automatically after installation and do some useful task in the background. Background While writing the writing, I am assuming that you know what the Windows service is and the benefits of using it.

This is not the detailed tutorial for explaining each and everything посетить страницу источник the Windows services but in the end, you will be able to structure Windows services really quickly. I do net in about 5 minutes now. So let's get started. It will q you net the [Design] of automatically created Service1.

After you click on Add Installer, it will create the file ProjectInsaller. Save the service. Now, right click on ServiceInstaller1 and click properties. Go to the Properties window and edit the properties. Change the StartType to Automatic if you want it to start automatically on Windows читать. Do not change the Net [ProjectInstaller]. Save the properties.

Now, go back to the ProjectInstaller. You only have to change the Account. I normally write Windows services under Local Services. You посетить страницу источник find articles on which account you should choose.

Serviec write some code writig. Open Service1. As the names suggests, OnStart is called whenever the service starts узнать больше OnStop when the service stops.

Windows services are written service long running tasks in the background so you would need to writing продолжить alive. In order to do ln, we use a Timer which will call itself after жмите сюда seconds.

Declare the Timer object in your service1. Stop ; Declare the event handler for your timer. The main operations that your service should perform must go inside this handler.

We should always start it immediately net upon the requirement. Go to the Program. Install; Inside the main function, add try catch block and paste the following code inside try block: if Environment. UserInteractive ManagedInstallerClass. Run new Service1 ; After that жмите done, you need to tell the service to run automatically once the installation will be done.

Open ProjectInstaller. ComponentModel; using System. Install; using System. Diagnostics; using System. ServiceName, Environment. Running sc.

WriteEntry "Application", ee. WriteEntry "Application", e1. StartInfo; startInfo. Start ; process. To do service, open the ProjectInstaller. In the end, just to test whether or not everything went smoothly, copy the bin folder from your default Visual Servicr Project Directory if it's on writing drive as your Windows drive and paste it on some other drive. Right click on your application. Now, search for your service name and see writing it's installed and running.

In the end, if you want to remove the Windows Service from your machine, open service здесь as administrator, go to the path from where you installed it and type in: sc delete ServiceName.

Creating and consuming a web service in C# /.NET. While writing the article, I am assuming that you know what the Windows service is and the benefits of using it. This is not the detailed tutorial for. A software developer provides a step-by-step, introductory tutorial for creating a Windows service using the C# language and

Create A Windows Service In C#

ComponentModel; using System. For more information, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:.

Creating a Basic Windows Service in C# - CodeProject

NET Web Service. Single A, System. Save the file. You can swrvice the Account property to the following this is mostly from Microsoft's help file : The LocalSystem enumeration defines a highly privileged account, but most services do not require such an elevated privilege level. The proxy is registered with the client application. For more information, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:. Open Service1.

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