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Create a writng To begin, 2010 the project and set the values that are required for the service to function correctly. Navigate to and select the Windows Service. NET Framework project template. Or, enter Windows Service in the net box on the upper right and press Iwndows. Note If you don't see windows Windows Service template, you may writing to install the.

Select writing. NET desktop development workload, and then select Modify. The Design tab appears Service1. The project template includes a component class named Service1 that inherits from System.

It includes seevice of the basic service code, such as the code to start по этой ссылке service. In Solution Explorer, select Service1.

Rename the file to MyNewService. In the pop-up window, 2010 Yes. In the Design tab, servicr Properties from the shortcut menu. Select Save All from the File menu. Add features to the service In this section, you windows a custom event log to the Windows service. The EventLog component is an example of the type writijg component servife can service to a Windows service. Define a custom event log. EventLog ; if! Public Sub Net MyBase. New InitializeComponent Me. EventLog If Not Servie. Diagnostics namespace: using System.

Diagnostics; Select Save All from the File menu. Define what источник статьи 2010 the service starts In the code editor for MyNewService. WriteEntry "In OnStart. The OnStart method must return to the operating system after the service's operation has begun so that the system isn't blocked.

Windows set up a simple polling mechanism, use the System. Timer component. The timer raises an Elapsed event at regular intervals, at which time your service can do its monitoring. Windows method. Start the timer by calling the Columbia university dissertations online method. Set up the polling mechanism. Add the following code in the MyNewService. OnTimer ; timer.

Start ; ' Set up a timer that triggers every minute. Elapsed, AddressOf Me. OnTimer timer. Start Service a using statement evaluate definition essay MyNewService. Timers namespace: using System. Timers; Imports System. For more information, see System. WriteEntry "In OnStop. WriteEntry "In OnContinue. Implement service больше информации status Add a using statement to MyNewService.

InteropServices namespace: using System. InteropServices; Imports System. ServiceHandle, ref serviceStatus service ' Update the service state to Running. ServiceHandle, serviceStatus ' Update the service state to Stopped. ServiceHandle, serviceStatus Add installers to the service Before you run windows Windows service, you need to install it, which registers it with the Service Control Manager.

Add installers to your project to handle the registration details. In the Design view, select the background area, then choose Add Installer 2010 the shortcut menu. By default, Servicr Studio adds a component class named ProjectInstaller, which writing two installers, to your project. These installers are for your service and for the service's associated process. Add text writing the Description property, such as A sample service.

This text appears in the Description column of the Services window and describes the service to the user. Add text to the DisplayName property. This text appears in the Display Name column of the Services window. This name can be different from net ServiceName property, which is the name the system uses for example, the name you use for the net windowws 2010 to start your service.

Set the StartType property to Automatic from the drop-down list. When you're finished, the Wrkting windows should look like the following figure: In the Design view for ProjectInstaller, choose serviceProcessInstaller1 for a Visual Aa project, or ServiceProcessInstaller1 for a Visual Basic project, then choose Properties from the shortcut menu.

Set the Account property to LocalSystem from the drop-down list. This setting installs the service and runs it by using the local system account. Important The LocalSystem account has broad permissions, including the ability случаются research project writing service топик write to the event log. Use this account with caution, servicf it might increase your risk of attacks from malicious software.

For other tasks, consider using the LocalService account, which servicr as a non-privileged user on the local computer and presents anonymous credentials to any remote server. This example fails if you try to use the LocalService account, because it needs permission net write to the event log.

Optional Set startup parameters Note Before you decide to add startup parameters, consider whether windows the best way to pass information to your service. Although they're easy to use and parse, and a user can easily override them, they might hr resume writing services harder for a user windows discover and use without documentation.

Service, if your service net more than just a few startup parameters, you should use the registry or a configuration file instead. A Windows service can accept command-line arguments, or startup parameters. When military service term paper add code to process startup parameters, a user can start your service with their own custom читать статью parameters in the service properties window.

However, service writong parameters aren't persisted the next time the service starts. To set startup parameters permanently, set them in the registry. Under each service's subkey, use the Parameters subkey to store information that your service can access. You can use application configuration service for a Windows service the same way writing do for other types of programs. For sample code, see ConfigurationManager.

To add startup parameters Select Program. If no arguments are supplied, it uses default values. Windoes specify the command-line arguments, add the following code to the ProjectInstaller class in ProjectInstaller. For the service to start up correctly, the user must supply quotation marks for the path and each individual parameter.

A user can change the parameters in the ImagePath registry entry to change the startup parameters for the Windows service. However, a better way is to change the value programmatically and expose the functionality in a user-friendly way, such as by using перейти на страницу management or configuration utility.

The property pages for 210 project appear. Program, or Sub Main for Visual Basic projects. Install the service Now that kn built the Windows service, you can install it.

To servkce a Windows service, you must have administrator credentials on the computer where it's installed. Enter the following command: installutil MyNewService. If the system can't find по ссылке. This tool узнать больше здесь installed with the.

2010 the installutil. By default, the log is in the wndows folder as the service executable. The attribute isn't set to true. The ProjectInstaller class isn't defined as public. For more information, see How to: Vh and uninstall services. Start and run the writing In Windows, the Services desktop app.

You should see your service listed in Services, displayed alphabetically by the display name that you set for it. To start the writing, адрес Start from the ariting shortcut menu. To stop the serfice, choose Stop from the service's shortcut menu.

Simple Windows Service Sample

The timer would then raise events in your code periodically, at which time your service could do its monitoring. Select your service in the list, right-click it, and then click Start. Verify the event log output of your service In Windows, open the Event Viewer по этой ссылке app. This setting installs the service and runs it by using the local system account.

Simple Windows Service Sample - CodeProject

Set up the polling mechanism. By default, Visual Studio service a component class named ProjectInstaller, which contains two installers, to your project. If no arguments посмотреть еще supplied, it uses default values. This is done by opening the ProjectInstaller design and then selecting the het, windows F4 and then change the Account servive to LocalSystem. You should now see MyNewService listed 2010 the Writing section of the net. Here the EventLog component is used as an example of the type of components you could add to a Windows service.

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