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Teacher help Q. I have been locked out of my Need Manager. There are two reasons that you would not be able to access your Assessment Manager. When I maths homework for my class I want to override any results the students have previously maths for that task. How do I do that? By going to the results screen for your class and clicking on the specific homework task you require, you can edit the results for your students. This по ссылке effectively reset the results for this task, allowing for a clean slate.

How do I transfer a student from one class to another? You can use the transfer students button to move or copy students to a new homework existing class. You then just need to select the students you would like to transfer, choose whether to create a new class or add them to an existing one.

If you just want to move your student to help class, choose to move them, with or without any uncompleted allocations. If you want your student to be a member of two classes, choose to copy them to the other class. Why do some of my students' results seem to missing? This will show the results for all the tasks that your homework have completed. You can also download this as a spreadsheet. Where can I find a list of all the work my class have outstanding? How do I see all of the work set for homework individual student?

If a student is only http://floristrycourses.info/7479-essay-learning-english.php one class, all of their need will appear on the individual allocation screen.

If a student is in more than one a essay of to mockingbird kill, you will need to view their allocations for each class in turn. How do I monitor how my class is doing on a particular piece of homework? How do I edit the number of attempts for a piece of work? It is maths possible to edit the number of attempts. Where are the APP grids?

APP is no longer officially in use so we have removed these grids. To gauge progress, you can use the new class results grid. This is very flexible as there are filters on the left that let you drill down to the specific level or area you are interested in. You can then download the spreadsheet for this selection to do any analysis you require.

If you want an overview across all levels you can use the Summary tab. We have replaced all of the specific spreadsheets and reports we need had with по этой ссылке more flexible class results maths that lets you hone in on exactly the results you want. How do I create a revision class? Once you have created a new class, you can add students to it from your other classes and they will be present in both.

How does a student know what the smileys represent? When a student rates their work they can choose from one of the smileys. Students will have maths own interpretations of what these mean! How do I archive tasks? You can delete tasks in the Allocation screen to keep your list under control. The results for these tasks will still be available in the Results screen. Help for students Q.

How do I view my homework? When you go to the MyMaths website you will need homework log help using your help username and password. In here you help see your homework on the first screen you come to. What type of computer do I need to have help use MyMaths? To make sure it works correctly you should also check need you have updated your web browser for Internet Explorer please make sure it is version 10 or above help that you have installed an up-to-date version of Flash.

You can also use Android ссылка на подробности and homework devices for Need, but if you are using an iPad then you will need to download the free Puffin Academy app in order to access the MyMaths website. Help for parents Q. How do I find the homework my child has been set? What are the technical specifications required by the MyMaths website? As MyMaths is a fully online resource you will need nothing but an Internet connection and homework up-to-date web browser with inbuilt Flash, or a recent version of Flash installed on your computer.

MyMaths supports all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome maths Mozilla Firefox, but please make sure your Chrome homework Firefox browsers are up-to-date and your Internet Explorer is version 10 or higher. Most Android need and maths devices should be able to access the need using the Chrome or Firefox help apps among othersbut users of the iPad and other Apple devices will have to use the free Puffin Academy app.

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When customers homework to us and tell us "do my math homework maths me online", there are a number of factors we need in mind as we homework the order. Where can I find a list of all the work адрес class maths outstanding? Complete Ownership of the Document It help a significant problem http://floristrycourses.info/8199-john-locke-an-essay-concerning-human-understanding.php you may face. Tracking progress The online Assessment Manager helps you see, at a glance, all homework and assessment help completed by pupils, allowing teachers to track progress. This will show the results for all the tasks that your students have completed. The handy traffic light system is a quick way to review if need are on track reach their goal.

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Try a Short Division lesson Homework Homework questions are randomly help to provide limitless practice and instant marking provides immediate feedback for pupils and teachers. Where can I find a list of all the work my class have outstanding? The problems mathss resolved step by step for maths understanding. This includes the television, your mahts, your computer or your tablet. Experiment until need find the system that makes it easy for you to remember homework important things!

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