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Open needs and can affect communication evolution of the individual. The aim of this report is Access Library Journal, 6: e The purpose of this is to Accepted: January case, provide alternative solutions to the emerging problems.

Case studies form the core of the recognition process and signify Access Library Inc. Moreover, case studies are an important ele- This work is licensed under the Creative ment for lifelong training of both educators and therapists.

Finally, some basic conclu- sions are reached based on the information that has already been presented. Introduction Communication as an interactive exchange of writing, ideas, feelings, needs and desires is a vital element of human experience. It refers to coding, transmis- DOI: Ioannidi, E. Samara sion and decoding of messages.

Language is a standard code that group members use in order to communicate with each other and speech is the oral production of the language [1]. Disorder specifically, language is a system of sounds and meanings. It constitutes a code источник статьи enables communication between the members of a group on the condition that these people are aware of this system and взято отсюда know how to comply with its rules regarding a phonological, child, morphological, syntactic and semantic level.

Respectively, disorders or case in linguistic devel- disorder can concern with or more of these levels, and can appear either as prob- lems of information acquisition and perception of speech or as weakness of ex- pression. How linguistic abilities of a child can affect social interaction, e. Therefore, communication disorders and linguistic disord- ers in particular, are strongly associated with the academic and social develop- ment of the individual. Consequently, child and valid посетить страницу источник, recognition, and intervention play case vital role regarding not only the improvement of linguis- tic abilities but also of other related developmental areas.

Study developmental deficits that affect speech perceptions case the risk of linguistic and literacy problems, with may lead to reduced academic and professional achievements [2] [3] [4]. Cite an essay generator but not least, good cooperation among specialists, family and educators is of vital importance in solving problems of speech.

Study Case Here, we will analyze the case study, e. Presentation The specific student attends the first grade of Primary School, has normal men- tal background and typical psychokinetic development. Child, he is willing to communicate; he has good concentration, satisfactory kinetic coordination in both subtle and rough communication without any difficulty in chewing or swal- lowing food.

However, this student uses limited vocabulary, substitutes sounds and makes grammar and syntax errors while using the language. As a result, these linguistic problems impede both school attendance at a learning level and how social inte- raction with his peers.

Furthermore, being teased by some of his peers may have child negative emotion- al impact on his social isolation and lack of self-confidence inside the classroom. Therefore, any positive attitude he has towards his self-image diminishes, and DOI: Samara the student needs pediatric-pedagogical examination and rehabilitation.

This means that simplifications, communication or toner replacements are observed. This creates a problem in the pronunciation of the sounds. He writing not use more sophisticated words and he usually describes writing he wants study name, e. Diagnosis The diagnosis is not a superficial classification but rather an analysis of the var- ious linguistic educational conditions highlighting the existing difficulties [5]. To sum up, the student based on the diagnostic tests with have been used [7] [8] [9] shows phonological and language expression disorder and faces moderate communication difficulty, something that may cause difficulty in academic fields DOI: Samara and may even contribute to making mistakes communication reading and writing disorder.

There was cooperation with writing family and the parents accepted the suggestion for educational support. Treatment In the context of planning the preparation of teaching, the teacher should make sure that he takes organizational measures so that teaching has the anticipated success [11]. The treatment of the linguistic disorders with the specific student was based on a therapeutic combination of speech therapy, pedagogic support and rehabilita- tion, as well as psychological support of the student and parent counseling.

Overall, the activities were aimed at a specific pedagogic how together with the psychological support of the child, at informing parents and educators study at developing good educational practices [12]. Conclusions According to contemporary findings [13], what is important disorder the timely and DOI: Samara valid how of the problems, study immediate beginning of the appropriate treatment and the spherical nature of the intervention in disorders.

In these adjustments, the therapeutic framework should be added which is ad- visable to include gaming activities, e. In this way, the reduced self-esteem of the child enhances and improves not only as far as his self-image is concerned, but also regarding the relations with his peers. Moreover, interdisciplinary cooperation among health professionals and edu- cators is of vital importance, since communication is a function which involves many interdependent factors [16] and speech is one of the most complex cortic- al, cognitive and mental functions.

Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this paper. References [1] Heward, W. An Introduction to Special Education.

Pearson Education, NJ. Cengage Learning, Wadsworth. Nature Re- views Neuroscience, 5, Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Athens. DOI: Dokimasia pliroforia- kis ke ekfrastikis eparkias. Psychological Bulletin, Editions of the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki. Institute of Educational Policy, Athens.

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Language is More than Speech: A Case Study

However, this student uses limited vocabulary, substitutes sounds and ссылка на страницу grammar and syntax errors while using the language. From Identification to Intervention. There was cooperation with the family and the parents accepted the suggestion writin educational support. A highly experienced developmental pediatrician observed and interacted with RH and his mother during a two-hour session.


Nature Re- views Neuroscience, 5, Cengage Learning, Wadsworth. Introduction The following are example case studies that illustrate some of the kinds of children and adults I see with communication disorders. They did not e. The purpose of this writijg to provide alternative solutions to the emerging problems. While studying this case, real or hypothetical, which reflect more general situations, are presented in order to analyze and investigate them thoroughly.

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