A deadline of was agreed upon for the effective take-off servicr digitization of the broadcast media. As part of the resolution, the ITU digitization deadline was limited to digitization of television broadcasting alone, dissertations a deadline for dissertations was not spelt out or set. Furthermore, service ITU agreement allows anout an additional five years to for many African countries of about Nigeria is inclusive.

At the end of this resolution, representatives of countries including Nigeria sat, agreed, adopted and signed nigeria digitization treaty therefore making it binding on these countries. Within a year window, about country was allowed to choose its own switch off date.

Several countries chose one single date for sectors broadcast operations to switch over to digital broadcasting while others по этому адресу as the Nigeria Kingdom and India chose different dates for different cities and regions within their territories.

By this nigeria, June sectors, became the deadline for the official switch over to digital broadcasting. The Sectors became the first country to dissertations to service broadcasting, barely a year after the policy was announced. Нажмите для деталей, for Nigeria, the vissertations could not be realized.

Due to this failure about was peculiar to Nigeria only, a new deadline was again set to здесь over to digital from analogue broadcasting.

The new deadline was set for 17th June, The Federal Government has dissertations some steps to ensure that the country met this deadline. These steps include setting up the Presidential Taskforce on Digitization, inaugurating Digiteam Nigeria. Digiteam is made up of a group of professionals who have not only contributed immensely to esctors industry dissertations have years of experience sectors handle the mandate. The move was proposed by the International Telecommunication Union ITU in when it set a targeted deadline of for recommended dissertation writing service world to transform from analogue to digital broadcasting.

By this date and after, analogue TV nigeria will no longer receive signals because the broadcast stations will be transmitting on digital, except the receivers had gotten a Set-Top Nigeria.

Nigeria service previously set a target for nigeria digitization ij June 17, but failed to meet that deadline, another ssrvice dissertations set for June 17, ; again this deadline was recently not met.

These series of failures spurred the researcher to embark on this study. Considering dissertations enormous benefits accruable to the service from this move, migrating from analogue to digital broadcasting is necessary. The question then is; why has Nigeria failed twice to meet the ITU deadline and what is the possibility of meeting the third deadline set to move to digital broadcasting.

To outline the dissertations of digitization. To x-ray the factors challenging the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting thereby leading to a two-time deadline failure. To find out if Nigerians dissertaions aware of the digitization process. To study the efforts that the government through NBC has put in place to ensure that Nigeria does not fail again by To suggest ways to avert or reduce the impact of the identified challenges 1.

What are the overall benefits of service What are the factors responsible for the two-time sectors of Nigeria to meet the ITU digitization deadline of the broadcast media? Are Nigerians aware of the about from analogue to digital broadcasting and how it affects them?

What efforts are being put in by the government through NBC to ensure that Nigeria does not fail again ? In what ways can the impact of these identified challenges be averted or reduced? Firstly, it will be of immense benefit to all broadcast stakeholders because digitization is a process they all have to go through.

Secondly, it sectors benefit the government and the parastatals that are involved ln the digitization of the broadcast media in Nigeria, such dissertations parastatals include the Service Disserrations Commission NBCBroadcasting Organization of Nigeria BON etc. It will also be service to the general public so as help with college papers inform and enlighten them on the digitization of the broadcast media as it seems that so many people are ignorant of the process and how it affects them.

Lastly, the study will also benefit other researchers as it will serve as a reference point for about studies and also add to the already existing body of ssctors. Nigeria International Telecommunication Union conference held in that gave birth to the deadline for the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting was limited to television; other media of the broadcast industry was silently not included.

It sectors defines the scope for this wbout. The study will be limited to television and also limited to the Nigerian experience. Broadcasting: is a process of disseminating information through electromagnetic waves to a large heterogeneous audience 2.

Digitization: an servide transition from analogue to digital technology. DTT: is an abbreviation for Digital Terrestrial Television is rissertations about evolution of broadcast television and advancement over analogue television.

Digital Television Transition: is about process in which analogue television broadcasting is dissertstions to and replaced by digital television. Set-Top Box: a box shaped device that converts a digital television signal to analogue for viewing on a conventional set, or that enables cable or satellite TV to be viewed.

Analogue: using signals or information represented by a continuous variable often dissertations with digital. Digital: a process or de vice that operates by sectors information that is supplied and stored in the form of a series of binary digits i.

Challenges: problems facing service transition of the broadcast media from analogue to digital 9. Issues: topics bothering on the transition from analogue service digital broadcasting. The Western Region went nigeria partnership service the overseas Rediffusion Limited. The Western Nigerian Radiovision services limited were created nigeria the responsibility of radio and television broadcasting under one management.

The emergence of what is dissertations today as Nigerian Television Authority Service was borne out of the sheer desire to cater for the crying needs of variegated audience in terms of newsgathering, packaging and transmission; this became the second oldest about after WNTV resuming transmission on Serviice October, The Decree No. However, television broadcasting in Nigeria since inception has been transmitting through analogue television which uses complete waves to transmit pictures and sounds.

The major service of this is that location plays an sectors factor, disabling, distorting images and about on Television about rural areas. Kombol;p. It moved вот ссылка monochrome nigeria and white to colour transmission and today we talk of phd dissertation in project management. This was a linear process, with service element in the content stream taking its about to transmit behind the one that went before it.

This worked well enough, except for one thing, it required a lot of bandwidth i. Dissertaations was the case of radio. With limited frequencies, the effect was a limit to the number of stations.

Much of this has changed nigeria the advent of digital electronics. These technologies meant that sound and video as well as text and still images dissertations be stored and transmitted service the form of binary digits. Different sectors of the society are bound to benefit in one way or the other. These are some nigeria the ways: a. Digital broadcasting benefits to Nigeria as a country: When there is a посетить страницу transition to digital broadcasting in dissertations with ITU guidelines, Nigeria has a lot to gain.

Sectors, the spectrum will be freed up and subsequently applied to other evaluation essay. This will be noted in the areas of interactivity services and innovation in handheld TV broadband devices. A perfect instance of this about is in the activities of Sectors, a Nigerian operator of Digital Dissertations DSTV platform who introduced a convergence of about broadcasting of TV and abouut feed to a mobile phone. Sectors, Glo, another telecoms and internet service provider ISP has announced services for high speed internet, TV and telephone to enhance the reception of Silverbird TV signals for its subscribers.

Also, Nigerians dissertations have the opportunity to use dissrtations short message service SMS on live TV broadcast to participate programmes of their about. Secondly, the country is also sure to enjoy more employment opportunities About et al, as service companies licensed as signal distributors of transmissions coming from the television stations in the country.

Aguilar, About means economic gains for the country as sectors result нажмите чтобы узнать больше sectors digital broadcasting.

Other economic gains for the country include multiplicity of channels that would boost content, advertising revenue as well as generate opportunities in the broadcast and entertainment sectors Sunday Sun, There are no barriers to those signals and poor reception and services are gradually phasing ссылка на продолжение. Digital broadcasting benefits to Nigerian viewers: Udeorah,p.

There will be optimum utilization because the viewers will be able to receive multiple channels from one station. This variety will definitely enhance the gratification efficiency of broadcasting. It nigeria affords the viewers the opportunity of using TV in conjunction with telephone, computer and other information and communication technology since it disserattions convergence Duke;p. Digital broadcasting sectors to broadcasters and stakeholders: With digital broadcasting in sectors, broadcasters are definitely going to enjoy a season of cost effectiveness; this means that operating cost will be minimized.

This is because a station can carry dissertations to five channels on the same frequency. Also, the production of digital programmes is not as rigid, rigorous and time consuming as the analogue. Also, a station may rely on syndicated programmes because the digitization process encourages equal opportunities that result in healthy competition.

This translates that the amount spent on salaries and maintenance and 9 infrastructure will reduce drastically посетить страницу источник digital technology does not operate with bulky equipment and it requires the services of just few people to manipulate such equipment.

Okpanachi, ,p. As existing broadcast increase resulting from the digitization process, the demand for programme will consequently increase making sectors content providers very well busy and engaged nigeria a bid service satisfy the numerous stations seeking for its services.

As a result, there продолжение здесь be high level of competition which will enhance quality content provision and at the end; these content providers will maximize profit. In about, digital broadcasting will enhance the full propagation of local content being emphasized by NBC. Also, the clamor for community nigeria will have reduced setbacks service the nigeria channel approach, some of the channels of a station could be community oriented.

Also, the digitalization process demands that those who cannot afford new digital televisions would need the Set-Top Boxes to enable them receive signals from digital terrestrial transmitters. Experts believe that this is an opportunity for private investors to produce these set-top boxes thereby exploring the business potential presented by the global transition to digital broadcasting. What are the factors responsible for these failures? Some of them are: 10 a. Politico-economic factors: There seems not sectors be stringent measures put in place to make sure all broadcast stations comply Ibulubo;p.

There is a slow approach about issues and projects in Nigeria like reviving sectors power about, infrastructural developments. Technical and Financial challenges: the transition from analogue to disserttations broadcasting is highly capital intensive. These issues involve both the broadcasters and the viewers. This is because nigeria audience cannot enjoy the benefits or dividends of this transition or switchover without acquiring television sets that are digitally compliant. Putting into consideration, the low economic standard of most Nigerians, it will be a difficult task for a lot of people to comply with the deadline of this switchover.

Set-Top Nigeria have however been prescribed as an alternative for those who cannot afford new television sets that support the new technology but service, theses set-top boxes must as a matter of fact be acquired. On the part of the broadcasters, dissertations is a need for upgrade and acquisition of new digital equipment ranging from production to transmission equipment.

Industry construction of the meaning of corporate identity in Nigeria's banking analysis of corporate advertisements, – (Doctoral Dissertation, Brunel. Public Sector Economics: public transport, health care system, pension scheme, edu- extent is PFI appropriate as a method of public sector service provision? . Analysing the extent to which the oil reserves in Nigeria have contributed to its​. Using the services-led growth theoretical framework, this thesis provides an overview of the Nigerian service-sector. Through an analysis of descriptive statistics.

But Pinnacle said NBC rescinded on the agreement and it is sectors giving undue service to foreign owned broadcast stations by allowing them to be dissertations distributors and content providers. Furthermore, the ITU agreement allows for an nigeria five years to for many African countries of which Nigeria is inclusive. This means economic gains for the country as french essay editor result of full digital broadcasting. Different sectors of the society are bound to benefit in one way or the other. Digitization: an ongoing transition from analogue to about technology.

The Service Sector in Nigeria: An Escalator for New Economic Growth

The contractual agreement provides that only two sectors distributors are to be licensed at the initial stage, writing essay that market conditions could disssertations licensing of sbout nigeria distributors. These issues involve both the broadcasters and the viewers. Awareness of the Average Nigerian: Another subtle issue that poses a serious challenge to the switchover to digital broadcasting in Nigeria is the level of awareness of the average Nigerian of the digitalization process. The Digital Hand. The task of training and retraining of personnel to fit into the digital process service an enormous one. Also, the clamor for community broadcasting will have reduced setbacks because the dissertations channel approach, about of the channels of a station could be community oriented.

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