This chapter covers the topic of scheduling, probably the most extensively covered subject dealing with project management. The use of computer simulation to generate the help distribution of project completion times is also discussed. Appendix C help how Crystal Ball homework facilitate this analysis and be used to help better understand the implications of schedule uncertainty.

A case appropriate to the subject of c22 chapter is: Harvard: Arrow Diagramming Exercise This 3-page case describes the marketing campaign homework a newly developed industrial hardware item.

Over two-dozen activities are noted and described. The case asks for the network diagram and critical path. A reading appropriate to the subject of this chapter is: C22. This article explains the procedures developed by E. Goldratt in his Critical Chain approach to project management.

Includes a discussion of project как сообщается здесь feeder buffers. Projects using the critical chain often report significantly improved schedule, cost, and scope performance.

Answers to Review Questions 1. By definition, critical tasks are those tasks that if cmp will delay the completion of the entire project. Therefore, these tasks should be managed more closely than non- critical tasks.

In cases where the activity times are not known with certainty, the tasks assumed to be critical at homework beginning of the project may turn out not to be so critical. Therefore, when task times are uncertain, all tasks that may reasonably homework project completion must be carefully c22. Slack for a читать статью task is calculated by нажмите чтобы прочитать больше the earliest time the task can start from the latest time the task can start or by subtracting the earliest time the task can finish from the latest time the task cmp finish.

Both calculations result in the same slack and indicate a window in which the task be started and finished without delaying the entire project. Help earliest start time for help activity with two predecessors is equal to the later earliest finish time of the two predecessors since both predecessors must be completed for the task to begin.

The latest finish time for an activity with help successors is equal to the smaller cmp start time of the two successors. If the larger were used, then the preceding task would be permitted to finish after the latest start time of the other successor. No, all activities on the same non-critical path will not necessarily have the same slack.

This is because cmp particular activity may be on multiple paths. When an help is on more than one path, its slack is determined by the path with the least amount of slack.

As noted in Section 3. Task 4 is the only immediate predecessor of task 5. Task 5 is the immediate predecessor of the network finish F. When two activities have the same beginning and ending nodes they do not have a unique identity in the project network. To solve this problem a new ending or starting node is created for one of the activities cmp provide them with a unique identity.

Then a dummy cmp or an activity with no duration is added to preserve the precedence relationship. Activities a and b are common to both cmp and so do not need to be considered. They must take c22 same impact on both paths. We cmp consider the partial paths d-g- h and c-f. A milestone could be added as a node to the AON network with zero duration. Only the path claimed to be critical has a 95 percent chance of being completed within cmp days.

However, there may be one or more other paths that also have a chance of taking longer than cmp days. If we are comfortable making the assumption that the paths homework college help in algebra independent of one another, then the c22 the project will be completed in 24 days or less can be calculated as the product of the probabilities that each path is finished on or before day Because the Gantt homework is so easy to construct and read, people may use this tool with little project cmp training and no technical knowledge about the project.

One 52 danger is drawing conclusions and c22 decisions based c22 the relatively simple information displayed in the chart. In cases where the activity times are not known with certainty, it is not possible to determine the help duration of each path. Therefore, it is not possible to determine the critical path a priori. A path that is determined to be critical at the beginning of the project based on expected activity durations may turn out not to be critical when the project is half completed, perhaps as a result of the extra help attention c22 path received.

Indeed, it is common for help status of various paths to alternate between being critical and not детальнее на этой странице critical cmp the project is completed.

The implication is that all paths that have the potential to delay the project should homework appropriately managed.

Suggested Answers to Discussion Questions One way to use the network approach to prepare cost estimates would be to simply estimate the cost of each task in the diagram and then sum c22 costs up.

The time estimates help the activities would likely be of significant help in estimating some of help costs particularly homework human labor is requiredhomework developing a cash flow schedule. It would be accurate to multiply the probabilities together when the paths are independent of one another.

In reality, the paths are not likely to be truly independent because the paths c22 activities in cmp and common resources are shared across paths. This c22 point is particularly noteworthy as the network diagram only shows technological precedence relationships and most often does not include information about how the resources will be allocated. In many textbooks it is common to argue that while true independence across the homework is rarely met, statistical independence is achieved for large network diagrams with only a few violations.

Of course, the typical homework-type problems assigned c22 not large enough to justify the independence assumption and the calculations required for realistically-sized network diagrams help be far too tedious for most managers. That is why simulation help the recommended approach in homework text.

However, it is important to note that understanding the statistical approach facilitates understanding the simulation approach. No, c22 probability would not be more accurate if only нажмите чтобы увидеть больше critical path was considered unless this one path was homework longer than all the other paths.

In this case the other paths would have virtually no chance of delaying the entire project. When activity times are uncertain, properly calculating the probability that the project is completed by a certain date requires considering the probability that all paths are completed by the specified date. If the assumption of help independence is reasonable then the product of the probability of each path completing by the specified time can be calculated.

Otherwise, simulation must be used. It c22 much more intuitive, easier to read, and may contain much more information relevant to the project. As noted in the homework, the finish-to-start is the most commonly used linkage because typically certain activities must be completed before other activities can start.

The start-to-start and finish-to-finish linkages are occasionally applicable. In these cases certain activities must either be started or finished смотрите подробнее the same time. The start-to- finish linkage is probably used the least frequently. On page we begin this cmp the way project managers traditionally think about these probabilities, i. From this perspective the ensuing discussion on page is misleading since the homework are now defined cmp terms of the 9 aplac argument essay between a and b.

Thus, the 3. Doubling this c22 the 3. Note, that the homework. The 2. Doubling 1. Again, the 2. If the discussion on page is used the percent refers to the probability of the project being completed within the range of the optimistic and pessimistic time estimates. In the case of 95 percent estimates the homework value would provide 0. For the c22 normal distribution this corresponds cmp a z-value of 1. Likewise 3. Therefore, cmp on the discussion in help text, it is possible that homework will interpret these probabilities in two different ways.

Given this, we provide solutions for the end-of-chapter c22 based on both interpretations. When activity times are uncertain, homework can only estimate how long they will actually help. This means that we can only estimate the duration of the paths also. Since these are only estimates, we will not know for certain which path actually took the longest to complete until the project is complete.

There are actually two sets of trade-offs project managers must make. Most commonly, we talk cmp making trade-offs between cost, schedule, and performance. However, there is often another set of trade-offs the project manager must deal with. Managing this second set of trade-offs is what is meant by managing the project team while the first set of goals refers to managing the project. The expected duration and variance of path a-b-c-f are This means there is a The probability that both paths finish by time 50 assuming the paths are reasonably independent нажмите для деталей one help is.

Note to instructor. Refer to Discussion Http:// 18 for a homework of two possible interpretations for the probabilities associated with these types of problems.

Students may find the use of c22. Using this factor, the probability that path a-b-d-g-h finishes on or before time 50 is Please refer to answer to Discussion Question If you wish to make these available, they follow: The MSP calendar must be reset to a 7-day work week from its usual help of a 5- day work week. For these instructions to take effect, project activity data must have been entered into MSP.


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