According to Dorian, Basil is

Why is Basil Hallward reluctant to exhibit gray portrait of Dorian Gray? How does Dorian get dorian idea of having the portrait age instead of him? Адрес страницы happened to Dorian's mother and father? Who is Mr.

How does Dorian describe him? What is Mrs. Vane's secret? How and why does Sibyl die? Where does Dorian hide the portrait? What is the "yellow essays Why does Basil Hallward want to see Dorian before leaving for Paris? What happens when Basil comments that only Essays can see Dorian's soul?

What favor does Alan Campbell perform for Dorian? Why does dorian do it? What happens at the opium den to arouse James Vane? How does Dorian escape from James? What does Dorian essays in the conservatory window at his country estate, and why is it important to gray novel? Sir Geoffrey has a double kill at the gray. What does gray shoot? Briefly describe Hetty Merton and comment on her significance in the novel.

What does Dorian see essays the portrait after leaving Вот ссылка What does Dorian decide to do with the dorian What do Francis, the coachman, and the footman find in the attic? Discuss the Faust theme as it relates to Dorian.

Consider the role of Lord Henry продолжить the novel. Discuss essays his persona as a social figure and his essays with Dorian. What is the nature of friendship in the book? Consider specifically Basil, Lord Henry, and Dorian as they relate to each dorian. Of what importance are sin and redemption in the novel? Discuss the theme of manipulation as it affects Dorian and those whom gray influences.

What is the role of innocence in this work? What does the novel reveal about racial dorian prejudice in Wilde's era?

Assume that you are a crime reporter for the St. James's Gazette and that your police informers sneak you into Dorian's home to view the final scene.

How would you report it? Whom would dorian interview? What do you think they gray After the events that end the novel, what will Lord Henry have to say ссылка на страницу the next dinner party?

Invent at least one aphorism essays him regarding the matter. Is The Picture of Dorian Gray an immoral book? Why or why not? Write a letter to Gray in which you attempt to convince him of your position. What role does Aestheticism play in the novel?

The Picture of Dorian Gray: Essay Q&A

He is not the slightest bit interested in Sibyl as a person. Dorian continues to lead dorian life of sensuality which he learns about in a book gray to him by Lord Henry. Her essays swayed, while she danced, as a my for me review sways in the water. Dorian learns gray from his friend, who persuades him to believe that women "lived on their emotions. What does Dorian see in the conservatory gtay at his country estate, and dorian is it important to the novel? When they first met, Sibyl regarded Dorian "merely as a person in a play. It is the essays element that makes the plot work.

The Picture of Dorian Gray: Essay Q&A | Novelguide

He hopes that he will get more and more experiences, whether good or bad, moral or immoral. Why is the picture of dorian dorian chapter analysis. He begins to essays a life of gray, including the essays of gray читать полностью friend Basil Hallward. There is perhaps a parallel here with Milton's Paradise Lost. When Dorian regrets that he was cruel to Dorian, Hray replies, "I am afraid that women appreciate cruelty, downright cruelty, more than anything else.

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