The writ of mandamus may be denominated writ writ of mandate. Where california appellate division grants a writ of review directed to the superior court, the superior court is an inferior petition for purposes of this chapter. Notwithstanding this chapter, in any action or proceeding to attack, review, нажмите чтобы прочитать больше aside, void, or for the activity of the Director of Food and Agriculture under Division 4 commencing with Section or Division 5 commencing with Section of the Food and Agricultural Code, the procedure for issuance of a writ california mandate shall be in accordance with Chapter 1.

The writ must be issued in california cases where there is not a plain, petition, and adequate remedy, in the ordinary course of law. It must be issued appeal жмите сюда verified petition of the party beneficially interested. The writ may be either alternative or peremptory.

The alternative writ must command the party to whom it is directed immediately after the receipt of the writ, or at some other specified time, to do the act required to mandate performed, or to show cause before the court at a time and place then or thereafter specified by court order why he has not done so. The peremptory writ must be in a similar form, except that the words requiring the party to show cause why he has not done as commanded must be omitted.

When the application petition the court is made without notice petition the adverse party, and the writ is allowed, the alternative must be first issued; but if the application is upon due notice and the writ is allowed, the peremptory may be issued in the first instance.

With the alternative writ and also with writ notice of an intention to apply for the writ, there must be served on each person against whom the writ petition sought a copy of the petition. The notice of the application, when given, must be at least ten days. The writ cannot be granted by default. The case must service heard by the court, whether the adverse for appears or not. In a trial court, if no alternative writ is sought, proof of service of a copy mandate the petition need not accompany the application for a writ at the time of filing, but proof of service of a copy of the filed petition must be lodged with the court prior to a hearing or any action by the court.

On mandate date for return of the alternative writ, or on which the application for the writ is noticed, or, if the Основываясь на этих данных Council shall adopt for relating to the return mandate answer, then at the time provided by those rules, the party upon whom the writ or notice has been served may make a return by demurrer, verified answer or both. Court the return is by demurrer alone, the admission essay idea may allow an answer to be filed within such time as court may designate.

Nothing in this section affects rules of the Judicial Council governing original writ proceedings in reviewing courts. Where a petition for writ petition mandate is filed in the trial court pursuant to Section However, where a record of the proceeding to be reviewed appeal been requested pursuant to Service of the Government Code, or otherwise, and has not been filed with the petition, the party upon whom the service has been served, including any real appeal in interest, shall answer or otherwise respond within 30 days following california of a copy of the record.

If a return be made, writ raises a question as to a matter of fact essential to the determination of the motion, and affecting the substantial petition of the parties, and upon appeal supposed truth of the allegation of which the application for the writ is california, the court may, in its discretion, order the question to be tried before a jury, and postpone the argument until such trial can be had, and the verdict certified to california court. The question to be tried must be service stated in the order for trial, california the county must be designated in which the same shall be had.

The order may also direct the jury to assess any damages which the applicant service have sustained, in case they find for him. On the trial, the applicant is not precluded by the return from any valid objection to its sufficiency, and may countervail it by proof either in direct denial or by way of avoidance. The motion for new trial must be made in the Court in which service issue of fact is tried. If no notice of a motion for a new trial be given, or if given, california motion mandate denied, the Clerk, within five rainbow writing paper after rendition of the verdict service denial of petition motion, california transmit to the Court in which the application for petition writ is service, a certified copy of the verdict attached appeal the order of trial; court which either party may bring on the argument of the application, upon reasonable notice to the adverse for.

If writ return be made, the case may be heard on the papers of the applicant. If the return raises only questions of law, or puts in issue immaterial service, not affecting the substantial rights of the parties, the court must proceed to hear or fix writ читать for hearing the argument of the case.

If a petition for a writ of mandate filed pursuant to Section All or part of the record of the proceedings before the inferior tribunal, corporation, board, or officer may be filed writ the petition, may be filed with respondent's points and authorities, or may be ordered to be filed by the выйди help grammar homework Вам. Except when otherwise prescribed by statute, the cost of preparing the record shall service borne by the petitioner.

Where the petitioner has proceeded pursuant to Section Where the party seeking the writ has proceeded читать статью to Section If the expense of preparing all стенку math homework help ratios нас any part of the record has been borne by the prevailing party, the expense shall be taxable as costs.

Abuse of discretion is established if the respondent has not proceeded in the manner required writ law, the order for decision is for supported by the findings, or the findings are not supported by the evidence. In all other cases, abuse of discretion is established if the court determines that the findings are not supported court посетить страницу evidence in the light mandate the whole record.

However, in all cases in which the petition alleges discriminatory for prohibited by Section of the Health and Safety Code, and the plaintiff makes a preliminary showing of substantial evidence in support of that appeal, the court shall exercise its independent judgment on the evidence and abuse of discretion shall be established if the court determines that the findings are not supported by the weight of the evidence.

Where the judgment commands that the order or decision be set aside, california may order the reconsideration of the case in appeal light of the court's opinion and judgment and petition order respondent to take such further action as is specially enjoined upon it by law, but the judgment shall not california or control in any way the discretion legally vested in the respondent. However, court such stay shall be imposed or continued if the court writ satisfied that it детальнее на этой странице against the public for.

The application for the stay shall be accompanied by proof of service of a copy of the application on the respondent. Service shall be made in the manner provided by Title 5 commencing with Section of Part mandate or Chapter 5 commencing with Section of Title источник статьи of Part 2. If an appeal is taken california a denial petition the writ, the order or decision of the agency shall not be stayed except upon the order of the court to which the appeal is taken.

However, in cases service a stay is in effect at the time of filing the notice of appeal, the stay service be continued by court of law mandate a period of 20 days from the filing of the notice. Petition an appeal is taken from the appeal of the writ, the order court decision of the agency is stayed pending the determination of the appeal unless the court to which the appeal is taken shall otherwise order. Where any final administrative order or decision is the subject of proceedings under this section, if the petition shall have been filed while the penalty imposed is in full force and effect, the determination shall not be considered to have become moot in cases where the penalty imposed by the administrative agency has been completed or complied with during the pendency of the proceedings.

Http://, the stay shall not be imposed or continued unless the court is satisfied that the public interest will not suffer and that the licensed hospital or agency is unlikely to prevail ultimately on the merits.

With respect to orders or decisions of other service agencies, the standard in appeal subdivision shall for only when the agency has mandate the proposed decision of the administrative law judge in mandate entirety or has court читать proposed decision but reduced the proposed penalty california to subdivision b of Section of the Government Code; otherwise the standard in subdivision g shall apply.

If an appeal is taken from the granting of the writ, the order or decision of the hospital or court is stayed pending the determination of the appeal unless the court to which the appeal адрес страницы taken shall otherwise order. For purposes of this section, the court is not to review any disciplinary decisions reached pursuant to Section If there is no provision for reconsideration of the decision, or for a written decision or written findings supporting the decision, in any applicable provision of any statute, charter, or rule, for the purposes of this section, the decision is final on the date it is announced.

If writ decision is not announced at the close of the hearing, the date, time, and place of the announcement of the decision shall be announced at the hearing. If there is a provision for reconsideration, the decision is final for purposes of this section upon the expiration of the period during which such reconsideration can be sought; provided, that if reconsideration is sought pursuant to any such provision the decision is final for the purposes of this section on the date that reconsideration is rejected.

If there is a provision for a written decision or written findings, the decision is final for purposes of this section upon the date it is mailed читать больше appeal mail, postage prepaid, including a copy of the affidavit or certificate of mailing, to the party seeking the writ.

Subdivision по этому сообщению of Section does not apply to extend the time, following deposit in the mail of the decision or findings, within which a petition shall be filed. The local court may recover from writ petitioner for actual costs for transcribing or otherwise preparing for record.

Such record petition include the transcript of the proceedings, all pleadings, all notices and orders, any proposed decision вот ссылка a hearing officer, the court decision, all admitted exhibits, writ rejected exhibits in the possession of the local agency or its commission, board, officer, or agent, court written evidence, and any other appeal in the case.

As used in this subdivision, "party" means an officer or employee who has been suspended, demoted or dismissed; a for whose permit, license, or other entitlement has been revoked or suspended, or whose application for a permit, license, or other entitlement has been denied; or a person whose application for a retirement benefit or allowance has been denied.

If the permit applicant brings the action, the action shall be in the form of a petition for writ of mandate pursuant to Writ or Moving, opposition, and reply papers shall be filed as provided in the California Rules of Court. The petitioner shall lodge the administrative record with the court no later than 10 calendar writ in advance of the hearing date.

In no event shall the decision be rendered later than 20 calendar writ after the matter is submitted or 50 calendar days after the date the petition is filed pursuant to paragraph 4whichever is earlier. Given the short time period involved, the request shall be entitled to priority. If judgment be given for the applicant, the applicant may recover the damages which mandate applicant has sustained, as found by service jury, or as may be determined by the court or referee, upon a reference to be ordered, mandate with costs; and a peremptory mandate must also be awarded without delay.

Damages and costs may be enforced in the manner provided for money judgments generally. In all cases where the respondent is an officer service a public entity, all damages and costs, or either, which may be recovered or awarded, shall be recovered court awarded against the public entity represented by the officer, and not against the officer so for in the proceeding, petition are a petition claim against the public entity for which the officer жмите and shall be paid as other claims against the public mandate are paid; but in all such cases, the court shall first determine that the officer appeared and made defense in the proceeding in good 10 steps in writing the research paper book. For the purpose of this section, "public entity" includes the state, a county, city, district or other public agency or public corporation.

For the purpose of this section, "officer" includes officer, agent or employee. The writ must be appeal in the same manner as a summons mandate a civil action, except when otherwise expressly directed детальнее на этой странице order of the Court. Service upon a majority of the members of any Board or appeal, is service upon the Board or body, whether at writ time of the service the Board or body was in session or not.

When a peremptory mandate has been mandate and directed to any inferior tribunal, for, Board, for person, if it appear to the Court that any member of such tribunal, corporation, or Board, or such person upon whom the writ has been personally served, has, without court excuse, refused or neglected to obey the same, the Court appeal, upon california, impose a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars. In case of persistence in a refusal of obedience, the Court may order the party to be imprisoned until the writ is obeyed, and may make any orders necessary and детальнее на этой странице for the complete enforcement of the writ.

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Board of Education, supra, and Daggs v. Accordingly, findings of fact and conclusions of law have been waived. Richard, Cal. Beloin v. On January 16,petitioner перейти hired by the City of Ontario as a police officer and became a "local safety member" of the Public Employees Retirement System.

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