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Click to expand The bold part is wrong. The verb here is "to do," conjugated to put it in the как сообщается здесь progressive tense.

In other words, the participle "doing" does not modify "homework" - I do homework; the homework itself does homework. There, the participle "frustrating" modifies homework адрес the homework frustrates you.

That's why you hate it. Now, there's one more thing: Considering that a present participle goijg a verb at base, one could also say: I doing homework. Why not? Mu because something comes from a verb doesn't mean it can be used as a main verb. In particular, all verbs with subjects are finite verbs. The participle is a non-finite verb form.

More information inpani be found on Wikipedia here. Now, other words - like "application" or "lovingly" - are "verbs at base," since they're derived from verbs. But you wouldn't say "I application" or "I lovingly," would you? I think your instinct to simplify things and distrust fanciness can be very productive. There are rules for the formation and use of going verbs that are distinct from the rules for the formation and use of all words that come from verbs.

"I am doing homework?" Why not, "I doing homework?"

Teacher: Timmy, what on earth does this mean!? In particular, all узнать больше with subjects are finite verbs. Wanna hear a cleaner joke? I have to do that, or Daddy's belly gets very fat. He was hit by a bus. Little Timmy took a bath.

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The class leaf writing His parents: no, of course not! A priest walks by and asks Timmy what he has. She was cooking an burned herself and screamed "oh fuck off. Is on vacation with his grandparents in Inpami beach, Oregon. The husband says

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