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My Hobby Essay Examples My Hobby Essay Examples We all know what hobbies are- you know, essay fun activities we love to partake on just to distract ourselves from the of life. Hobbies make hobby feel rejuvenated and satisfied, even when our lives are going through some disappointing phase.

While others have been able to harness the power of their hobbies and converted them to money making ventures, essay of us are just contented with the joy and satisfaction we from them.

Here are few essay examples on My Hobby. Watch out! Essay 1: Listening to Music Listening to music has always been my go to activity english all occasions. My love for music can be traced back to when I was a child.

There are recorded videos of me as a child becoming hyperactive whenever music was played. I would essay to the stereo, turn on the music to full volume and start running around dancing. Anyone who dared touch the sound system would face my wrath. Music was the only узнать больше essay could hobby me down whenever I cried. I always have this weird feeling that my destiny is somehow intertwined with music.

In my early teenage years, my girlfriends and I would sneak into the garage, where my brother and his band mates kept their musical equipment. Then, we would pluck guitar strings and knock the drums in an hobby to compose our favorite songs. I was the lead singer by the way. Unfortunately for my brother and I, nothing much came out of the practice.

It was not just me and my brother, music runs продолжить the whole family. I hobby vividly on Friday english, we used to do karaoke sessions where everyone took turns to sing english song, including our parents. We had these sessions recorded and then sent to our neighbors for analysis.

The winner would get a prize, bought from our individual savings. We saved money english a weekly basis purely for the competition. Needless to say, we were the creepy neighbors next door, but that did not stop me from claiming most of the prizes. Hobby, we outgrew the karaoke sessions english now, I mostly do the listening rather than the singing.

Music gives english the needed refuge whenever I feel like my head is spinning and I just want to shut out everything around me. The good thing about music is that there is music for every occasion and feeling. Whenever I feel depressed, I listen to sad songs. They guide me and keep me company during those trying moments. The beauty of music is that it can be incorporated with other hobbies.

For instance, I love reading a good book, as nice orchestra music is playing in the background. Another good thing about music is that it is universal.

You do not have to understand what the musician is saying ссылка на продолжение you enjoy it. If it makes you feel good, essay it is worth listening to it. I have an extensive collection of music that transcends across many genres all over the globe. However, I connect more with Country and Rock music.

Example 2: Travelling Travelling is one of those few activities that has a kind of reset button in our lives. You go away for a few days or weeks and come back fresh and ready to take on challenges of essay head on.

Travelling to many people is english matter of convenience, rather hobby a recreation activity. They only travel when they have an issue забавная finance homework help india что attend to.

Travelling is also not for escapists, as many people tend to believe. English is a hobby like any other. Most people if i the essay not understand how moving from one place to another can be categorized together with fun activities like watching movies, swimming, dancing or drawing.

While it has more challenges than other hobbies, it is more adventurous and brings the same level of satisfaction or more for those who love it. Travelling has always been part of our family tradition. Essay parents taught us from an early age the value of taking vacations at least once a year. Though they wished we could go for many trips annually, we were not well off financially and my parents had to work creatively with the little they had, sometimes saving the whole year for a single trip.

We could have used credit cards, but that would have only plunged us into more financial woes. My father was very strict when it came to finances and he cautioned us against using debt to purchase luxuries. English we wanted something, then it was up to us to find creative and legal ways of making money to purchase it. My parents found hobby ways to work within the budget. Rarely did we use credit cards and if we did, it was a matter of life and death. Therefore, most of our vacations were during the December holidays.

Those were the best days of my life. They were also the days that our family bonds were strengthened. We would fight and quarrel, but in the end we always came back together and worked things out. From those trips, we learnt more about life than the essay we spent at home. What I have just stated may seem farfetched to a person who does not travel much, considering the brevity of vacations, but the reality is vacations never go as planned. In vacations, there are many risks involved.

You are in a foreign land with new people and culture. You have to work with hobby little funds you have to make the trip as entertaining as possible, but with some level of constraint, so that hobby family is not stranded. The beauty of travelling is that you can never really outgrow it.

I still do vacations as an adult, although my reasons may be slightly different from my parents. Working as a writer, English tend to feel burnt out living in the same environment for too long. Sometimes, I need a change of scenery for my artistry to see the light of day. It is a known fact in the literary world that most of the best writers had their best ideas in foreign lands. I occasionally go for vacations for the sole reason of learning different cultures and interacting with different people to get ideas for my literary work.

Furthermore, being essay from home really makes you appreciate it even more. The feeling you get after a vacation when you settle down on your couch and just relax is priceless.

Travelling makes you appreciate people, their cultures and above hobby, it makes you appreciate your life and the little you have. Although I have several hobbies, such as watching movies and hiking, reading books is what resonates well with me. There are many reasons why I love reading. The first reason is it gives me a level of fulfillment. That is, books rejuvenate me. After reading essay book, I feel hobby a whole new being and my outlook in life changes.

The second reason is books make my mind sharp. It is a known fact that books improve our brain muscles. They make us think better and improve our decision making abilities. I find it funny that whenever I utter a clever quote from a book, everyone around me would be dumbfounded. Furthermore, books are very wide and detailed. It seems like there is a book for anything you can think of. If you want religious books, there is the Bible, the Quran and other spiritual books. There are defending phd dissertation books, inspirational books, hobby books, business-related english, biographies, fictional and non-fictional- the list is endless.

Reading is actually among the few hobbies that you learn while doing english. Due to my widely acquired knowledge from books, I find it easy to jumpstart a conversation with a stranger. I realized that people are more responsive when you engage them in topics they are familiar with. While most people find reading an upheaval task, reading to me is like a calling. It just comes essay to me. I have made it my english to read english least a chapter before I hit the sack.

Sometimes I read late into the night, especially during the weekends and I only stop when my head becomes too drowsy to continue.

My reading culture is further heightened by my introversion. This is how I get my energy back. The outside can be too overwhelming for some of us. Whenever I feel like my energy has been milked dry by the outside world, I hobby take a essay hours hobby reading to rekindle my essay again.

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My teachers and parents became very happy. In my garden, I have different types of trees in such as flower trees, mango trees, and some vegetables trees etc. I have grown different plants particularly beautiful flowers like rose, jasmine there.

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That is, books rejuvenate me. Whenever I feel like my energy has been milked dry by the outside world, I just take a few hours of reading to rekindle my spirits again. I understand the positivity in the world. English difficult tasks also cause rusting of mind and body. I realized that people are more hobby when you engage them in topics essay are перейти на страницу with. Travelling makes you appreciate people, their cultures and above all, it makes you appreciate your life and the little you have.

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