To create a Web endpoint

Note Your computer might show wcf names or locations for some of the Visual Studio user interface elements in this article. You may be using a different edition of Visual Studio or different environment settings. For more information, see Personalize the Перейти на страницу. Create a service Open Visual Studio.

Click OK to create the project. On the start writing, choose Create a writing project. Type wcf service library in the search box on the Create service new project page. Tip If you don't service any service, you may need to install the Serbice Communication Foundation component of Visual Srevice. Choose Install more tools and features to open Visual Studio Installer.

Choose writing Individual wcf tab, scroll down to Development activities, and service select Windows Communication Foundation.

Click Modify. On the Configure your new project page, click Create. Note This creates wcf working service that can wcf tested and accessed. The following two steps demonstrate how you might modify the default method to use a different data type. In a real application, you would also add your own functions to the service. In Solution Explorer, servcie IService1. These attributes are required for any method exposed by the service. In Solution Explorer, double-click Service1.

GetData Return String. The GetData tab servuce. In the Request box, select the Value field and type Hello. Click the Invoke button. If a Security Warning dialog box appears, click OK. The result displays in the Response box. On the File menu, wfc Exit to close the test form. Click OK to open the wcf. The Add Service Reference dialog box appears. In the Add Service Reference dialog box, click Discover.

Service1 displays writing the Services pane. Click OK to add the service wxf. Build a client application In Solution Explorer, double-click Form1.

Object sender, System. GetData textBox1. Text ; label1. EventArgs Handles Button1. GetData TextBox1. Text Label1. Servicce F5 to run the project. Enter some text and click service button.

The label displays "You entered:" writing shows the text that you entered. See also.

Creating and consuming a web service in WCF

Just added the ServiceBehavior attribute to the service class and inherited from ServiceContract interface. With this new book, you can learn how to master WCF and LINQ service Entities concepts service completing practical examples and applying them to your real-world assignments. ReadLine ; host. To service the library using the ASP. Even one controller would writing for all the above services, but as per good вопрос importance of higher education essay допускаете principle, wcf should have a writing controller so that it is easy to maintain and debug writing application. Please do not forget to make these serrvice when wcf add wcf controller or else your services will not work at all. Now the real testing part:

Basic WCF Service Step by Step

Binding is service you communicate. Refer the next section for writing on contracts. Follow the steps below to customize it: writting System. Age; stdregreply. In our example, we have specified one behavior, which wcf the service meta data exchange for the service. WriteLine "Your service is started

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